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The Magic of Gaudi

When you walk in Casa Batlló in Barcelona, you experience architecture and you experience nature. Your perspective is forever transformed. Architecture becomes a living creature and nature blends with geometry to produce impossible shapes that combine functionality... read more

Making a great movie poster

At we offer the best professional templates to create amazing movie posters, give some of them a try here: Science Fiction Movie Template Girly Cute Film Template Drama Movie Template Adventure Film Template Action Movie Film Template Thousands of users... read more

Taking your business to the next level

We live in a visual age. We reach people’s emotions through visuals in powerful ways and flyers and posters are some of the stars of this exciting age. What is most exciting is that today’s digital posters can be used over and over in a variety of online... read more

Creativity and Ideation in Posterini

For all of you interested in creativity, Posterini offers an advanced module with great ideation features. Choose your challenge and use Posterini to find or refine ideas and solutions for your challenge. Posterini’s ideation module is powered by the Springkite... read more

A new Posterini

After gathering the feedback from all of you, we created a new version that allows you to save your designs, re-edit them unlimited times, produce posters, flyers, banners and designs in any format (not just vertical), have a set of editing tools that is way more... read more

A Spanish Odyssey | Travel to the year 1950 in Spain

For the launch of the version of we travelled to the year 1950 in Spain to unveil the mysteries of this new interactive tool on the cloud. In the film crisis looms as señor Ricardo tries to complete the designs of his anniversary celebration before the... read more

Online marketing with photo essays

Several methods of promoting one’s product or service are continuously being used in the marketing arena. Each of these target different sets of consumers and seeks to address a particular need. Interestingly, while several of these promotional methods work well, the... read more

The role of design in the success of a casino

How does design play an important role in the success of a casino? In all business markets, the way the brand is represented plays a massive part in how successful the company will be. The design of the brand is massively important in any industry, as this is the how... read more

Cheltenham Festivals

Music and Racehorsing Cheltenham is almost synonymous with the annual horse racing event that families from all around Europe flock to. As a matter of fact, if you search it in google, it comes ahead before all those annoying travel links. This event pretty much... read more

The Reinvention of the Poster?

Video games have proved divisive since they first began to appear on shelves back in the 1980s. At first they were accused of being time-wasters that allured unsuspecting teens into a life of sloth. Later on, as game graphics and gameplay improved and game creators... read more

Events around the world

Spring is beginning full of exciting events! Let’s review some of the ones coming our way these days If you are a lover of music, you may want to check out A Flute Affair, the new album by Marlene Verwey from United Kingdom.  We love Marlene’s poster, very... read more

Keep calm and carry on Posters

Most of you have seen some of the “Keep Calm and xx” line of posters around. big Letters,  flat backgrounds, witty messages. They are fun! But what is the story behind the artwork? Keep Calm and Carry On was a propaganda poster that was produced by... read more