Springkite Creativity & Innovation Workshop

The Silicon Valley Experience that takes your innovation skills to the next level
Organized by Innovation Experts Ideami Studios & the Posterini Marketing Platform
Raise yourself above the complexity and competitiveness around you by learning to balance analytical and creative skills in order to generate innovative solutions and ideas to the challenges you face in both your professional and personal life.
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What is Springkite

The IBM Global CEO Study states that creativity & creative thinking are the most important skills that predict success in a society where complexity/competition keep growing. Springkite is easy to explain:

Who is it for

Springkite is ideal for employees, managers, directors, executives, entrepreneurs, creatives and in general any person if:
Award Winning creative expert Ideami helps you empower your creative thinking skills with an Innovation, ideation & creativity workshop that brings it all together, multiple modules and a complete way to generate solutions to specific challenges, involving every part of your self

What you get

On Springkite you will:

SK by Posterini is an all in one workshop that accelerates your creative skills and refreshes your mind, giving you new strategies and tools to be more productive in life and at work

Sk is directed by award winning Ideami Studios and Posterini.com. This amazing workshop is ideal for groups of all kinds, from businesses to organizations and beyond.
Download the Ideami White Paper 'A New Balance'. This paper emphasizes the need to find a new balance between our creative and analytical ways of thinking.
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Example: A case study in summary

Anna Keller is our participant and she defines and describes her challenge from a human centered perspective. The process moves through an intensive ideation process enriched with multiple iteration and feedback loops. In the end Anna has completed a BMC graph (business model canvas) and presents her conclussions and solutions as well as her market strategy, receiving more feedback.

First, anna identifies and describes the challenge. She is trying to find new solutions to better manage the resources of her firm

She focuses on the community and environment related to the challenge and identifies details, constraints, obstacles and opportunities.

Anna begins working also on her BMC business model canvas graph that will capture the evolution of her insights

The importance of feedback

Participants record their thoughts, insights and notes in different ways and formats as they generate in parallel the BMC graph. In response to the feedback they receive they re-shape and constantly update their notes.


At the end of the process, Anna presents her solutions, BMC graph and go to market strategy to the rest of the group. She incorporates the feedback she receives into her conclussions.

The workshop feels like an intense and complete renewal of our minds. Not only Anna has delivered insights and solutions working both individually and in a group, but she has done so combining a variety of tools, blending and balancing creative and analytical thinking and connecting each of her senses and skills to the challenge. She has emerged a more productive and creative human being.

Booking Springkite

Booking: Join our next public event here To host a Springkite at your company or venue contact info@posterini.com.
Group Size: We can adapt to sizes from 10 to 50 participants
Duration: Springkite can be given as a 1 or 2 day event
Wifi connection. Participants should bring pen, paper, any camera (smartphone is ok) and a laptop computer or tablet.

Why SK matters

According to the latest edition of the prestigious IBM study on 1500 CEO's around the world (covering more than 30 industries) creativity is the most important factor for future success, be it of a company, an institution or any group. This workshop focuses on the skills that the IBM study emphasizes as the key ones today.

Why is it so Unique

SK is a unique workshop among its kind because

The Tools

SK brings a unique set of tools that include the Posterini ideation engine and the set of sound, light, emotion and other brainstorming tools of the Springkite platform.

Those tools are combined with traditional ones, producing one of the most all encompassing and unique creativity and innovation events you can find anywhere in the world.

Watch below a short video of a special SK workshop given to young entrepreneurs that took place in San Francisco


"The Springkite workshop was truly the most brilliantly challenging hours of my life. It pushed me to extend beyond my capabilities" Eric Hsieh

"I had the privilege to take the Springkite workshop and the experience was fantastic. An incredible way to exercise every neuron in our brains! During the workshop we all generated amazing ideas while having fun and creating new bonds as a group. SK is a new and great way to rediscover our creativity. I very much recommend it to everyone, no matter age or background!" Rosa Monge

"This year we added to our innovation program the Springkite workshop. Ideami worked intensely with our entrepreneurs and without a doubt we will repeat this activity again in future programs. The entrepreneurs were amazed with what they were able to achieve through the different creativity techniques they learned. They came up with incredible ideas!" Xavier Verdaguer

"i studied advertising in the past and i found this workshop amazing and totally different and new compared to what i've seen before. Best of all, you generate amazing and useful ideas, it works!!!" Jordi Valls

"A totally mind-changing experience, its intensity and diverse activities motivated us and gave us a creativity boost which we can now apply in our lifes, careers and projects" Jorge Rodriguez

Who Should Attend

Any business, group or individual that wants to better balance their analytical and creative thinking to achieve more productivity, efficiency, innovation and satisfaction at work and in their lives.

The Tutor

Javier Ideami is an award winning multidisciplinary creative director, artist, entrepreneur and engineer who has successfully combined creative media, technology and business for years while leading innovative workshops, conferences and events. Ideami’s expertise combines fields as diverse as software engineering, design, photography, filmmaking, marketing, music, acting, public speaking and others. He is the founder of award winning Ideami Creative Studios as well as multiple business ventures.
Ideami has spoken at prestigious institutions including Berkely and Stanford Universities in California, the United Nations FAO headquarters, the faculty of architecture at the university of Rome, Canary Wharf financial centre in London and at other numerous symposiums and events around the world.

Join SK

The challenges of today are complex and diverse. Expand and stretch your mind, bloom like spring, kite like the wind, it's the time to welcome a new creative spring in your mind.
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