Great Deals for Educational institutions and Charities

If you are part of a school, educational institution or charity organization, you have an educational and/or social mission and we want to support you. If you are interested in using Posterini for educational purposes with your students/teachers/community, contact us and let's discuss the best and cheapest way to bring our platform to your community. Email us at

Take your creativity and artistic skills to the next level

At Posterini we love creativity, media and art. For us education is very important and that's why we bring you unique workshops and events that can accelerate and take your skills to the next level. Posterini users with basic accounts get 10% discount on any of the workshops/events. Professional/business users get 35% discount on any of the workshops/events.

Workshops and Events

Our current workshops/events include:
Springkite Innovation and Creativity Workshop
Masters of Light Photography Workshop
Giant Sand Art Team Building Events

Check also our ideation/brainstorming engine at
Ideation Engine

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