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The optional brainstorming module of Posterini helps you generate innovative ideas for your personal and professional challenges. Brainstorming keeps your mind fit and healthy and your creative muscles strong.

We all need great ideas/solutions, for the challenges we face at our jobs, projects, decisions and in general personal and professional lives. Finding new ideas/solutions is difficult because our brains/minds tend to seek efficiency, relying on previous thoughts and mental patterns. We tend to seek paths of least resistance, easy routes that require as little effort as possible.

This is great for efficiency but not for innovation. Innovation is important because complexity and competition keep growing around us. Using typical/repeated ideas/strategies we soon fall behind others. Creating innovative solutions requires a different way of thinking, one that allows us to take leaps rather than small steps..

Creative expert Javier ideami describes this way of thinking with a metaphor he calls "The Torch Principle". You can watch him describe this metaphor on this video (Watch Video).
Posterini's ideation module is based on diverging creatively before converging onto good ideas, by using guided randomness.

Let's look at a summary video first and then we will explain the process with text.

In this next video, we review for you the main buttons you use during an ideation process (Remote Collaboration is included in this video. You can do ideation both individually or collaborating with others).

Let's now review more the process of using Posterini's ideation module.

First, you choose a challenge you want to work on. This gives a direction for your subconscious. You may write this challenge/direction as the title of the ideation/brainstorming process.

A great ideation process is a combination of creative and analytical thinking. You use your intuition and imagination to incubate new connections between apparently unconnected ingredients and your challenge. This forces you to take leaps that move you away from predictable mental patterns. And then you use analysis to evaluate and refine those new connections and integrate them with the ideation process.

Posterini exposes you to many data elements (words and phrases) which can either appear totally randomly (automatic mode) or from specific categories (manual mode).

Just like in real life, you are exposed to many ingredients which if you ignore them, eventually fade away. You use your intuition to detect ingredients that either suggest immediate connections with your challenge or seem interesting enough to fix them in place for further elaboration.

By clicking on an ingredient, it becomes fixed in place. If you don't click on an ingredient, it dissappears in a few seconds.

You then proceed to accumulate and combine ingredients as well as to edit them as needed.

By double clicking on an ingredient you can edit the text. For example a word (lion) may suggest immediately a connection with your challenge, and in order to remember that connection you may want to double click on the word (lion) and edit its text to something else like: the team has to fight like lions to reach their objective.

Also you can switch the ingredients between word and phrase mode.. There is a button on the left menu icons that allows you to switch words to example phrases and viceversa. You can also switch an individual item between word and example phrase by using the submenu options of that item. Once you edit a word you cannot use these options anymore.

There are many words whose meaning you may not know. To help you with this, Posterini shows you the dictionary definition of that word on the bottom status bar when you click on the element. This way, by using Posterini's ideation module, you are also learning new words, concepts and phrases, expanding your knowledge.

As your ideation progresses, you can mix words and phrases with images and shapes to further enrich the process.

At any time, you can export your ideation as a jpeg image using the export feature in Posterini.

Watch below an example of the ideation module in action, creating a new idea for a film about a musician. The seed in this example, the challenge, the direction for the subconscious, begins with the word "Musician". And the process ends with a new original idea for a film centered around that seed.

In summary, the ideation module of is powered by hundreds of thousands of data elements that accelerate your brainstorming processes.

A World of Ideas

Posterini's ideation module is flexible, offering manual and automatic modes. Both are very intuitive to use.

Manual Mode

In manual mode, select the Add menu and choose a category. When you click on a new element, its definition appears on the bottom status bar.

Switch between phrase and word mode globally from the left bar, or individually from the element’s menu. You can manipulate, edit and change each element as you like.

Automatic Mode

In automatic mode you are continuously exposed to random elements that appear and fade away if you don't touch them. To make an ingredient permanent simply touch it and it won't fade away. You may also control the speed at which elements appear with the speed slider located on the left.

Flexible Engine

Combine images, shapes and other elements to continue your ideation process. The key advantage of the posterini ideation tool is that at the same time you are using a powerful and intuitivo editor.

You may export your final ideation result as an image or a montage. you can also share it in collaboration mode with other participants, to work together with them on the same brainstorming process.

Posterini requires nothing to be installed and works in most platforms and devices. It's been tested on the main desktop and laptop browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE), on iPAD, iphone, nexus 5 Android smartphone and some android tablets. If it doesn't work on your device please contact us on (Some devices don't support webfonts, touch events and other technologies required by Posterini and will only work partially)

If you want to deeply learn and practice combining your analytical and creative thinking to produce innovative ideas and solutions to your personal and professional challenges, you may join The Springkite Workshop, which goes very deep into the process of empowering and exercising your creative thinking.

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