Unique Photography workshops in Paradise

Posterini in association with Ideami Studios brings you a unique photography workshop given by award winning photographer and artist Javier ideami. Ideami has been teaching photography and digital art masterclasses for years around the world. These very successful masterclasses have reached audiences of all backgrounds.

The Masters of Light Workshop is an all encompassing experience that takes you on a wild ride through the secrets that masters of light control and use on daily basis to produce digital masterworks of the highest quality. View a small selection of ideami's fine art photography works at http://ideami.com/fine-art-gallery/


The Masters of Light Workshop is organized in beautiful locations around the world including Bali, Santorini, Hawaii and others. Accomodation and food are included in the price. Workshops last 7 to 10 days. For information on the next Masters of Light Workshop contact info@posterini.com


The content of the workshop includes:

The Magic of Composition
Where it all begins, the foundation of award winning works. Learn how to guide the eyes of an audience.

The Environment
Understand how weather and the environment influence quality of light and what you capture.

Perfect Exposure
Control exposure with precision using digital zones. Get the detail you want, master tonal ranges.

Retouching Foundations.
The basics of retouching, balance color, tonal ranges and master other core tasks.

Advanced Master Retouching
Ideami explains some of his most advanced techniques covering masking, extraction, blending and other ways to take your photography to the master level.

Feedback and mentoring
Ideami reviews your work and suggests ways to improve your preproduction, production and postproduction workflows.

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