Posterini Privacy Policy

Posterini is compliant with the GDPR laws of the European Union in regards to data protection, user communication and retention policies. We treat with total care and respect any information provided by users aroundn the world.

1.1 What information do we collect from you?

1.2 Google Analytics

To study how our users use our platform, and to keep improving it, we use the google analytics platform. Google analytics collects information about the number and frequency of visits of the users, their location, information about their device and other related information. This data is stored by Google in their servers and we do not store it in our system.

2. Sharing data

We do not share any data or information of any of our users with anybody.

3. Who, where and for how long is the data stored


Posterini is a project owned by Javier González with postal address Sant Eudald 45, Barcelona 08023, Spain. You can contact Posterini at anytime on this email:

3.2. Posterini stores your data as long as you keep your account open. When you delete your account, we are required to hold your information for at least 2 years according to the Spanish LOPD law. We do so in a special container available only for legal purposes under a legal request.

3.3. Our server is located in beauharnois, Canada, where the company OVH has a powerful data centre.

4. Your rights

You have the right to do anything you want to do with the data we have of you.

4.1 Right to be informed

Anytime you need, we will tell you any information we have about your data, and a list of the data we have of you.

4.2 Right of access

You can access all the data and information we store in relation to you. Just login to your account to view it.

4.3 Right of rectification

You may change the data we have about you by using your account settings.

4.4. Right of erasing

You can delete any information we have of you. Access your account and modify your settings or delete your account.

4.5 Right to restrict processing

You can request us to stop using your data while still keeping it in our databases. Contact us by email if you need to do that.

4.6. Right to data portability.

You can request us to transfer your data to third party tools we may work with.

4.7. Right to object.

You can ask us to stop sending you marketing emails. You can also configure this from the settings in your account. We will also always ask you for permission whenever we want to send marketing emails.

4.8. Right not to be subject to automated decision-making, including profiling.

We do not engage in such processes. If we ever need to do such thing, we will ask for your permission.

4.9 Contacting Posterini

 If you have any additional question, contact us anytime at

5. Opting in for this policy

All Posterini users will be asked to review these new terms in order to keep using Posterini.

6. Users under 16

If you are less than 16 years of age, you need an authorization from your parents or tutors in order to use our platform.

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