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By andreaiscool


Details: Swimsuits through out the years,,how it began ,at first, people would just swim naked or in random clothing. At first swimsuits were not needed because going swimming or to the beach wasnt all that common. When transportation became easier, swimsuits became more needed.,how they became popular and why they are popular,when water related activites started becoming popular, a garmet to cover up was neccesary. The reasons for us using bathing suits now are still basically the same. The swimsuit gives us protection and coverage.,how they are made,when making a swimsuit, there are many different things the designer must consider such as comfort, fabric, colors and so on.depending on the style, a certain amount of pieces are cut and sewntogether by a seamstress ,textiles,swimsuits are commonly made of fabrics such as tricot, polyester, nylon, lycra and many more,Changes throughout the years,Its no doubt that swimsuits have evolved. Now we have many different varietys of styles and color. Swimsuits also show alot more skin then what they used to. They're no longer a big chunky piece of fabric, but rather a comfy material designed for all knds of different water activities

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