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By ornurse32


Details: Hand Hygiene Compliance rates  O.R. NURSING   UMHS March 2016 ,UH 43% CVC 54% MOTT 50% EAA 61% LSC1 8% KEC 57%,VRE ,MRSA was cultured on gloved hands of 42% of Healthcare Workers who had NO DIRECT CONTACT with patients but touched contaminated surfaces. , U of M Health System 900 cases 2014 ,MRSA , Hand washing is considered the single most important factor in infection  prevention among health care workers!! Clean-Thank-Remind-Everytime ,Hospital Aquired Infections ,$5 Million spent annually treating nosocomial infections, Leading nosocomial infections: UTI, Surgical Site  Infections,  Blood Stream infections and Pneumonia  , 2 Million nosocomial Infections annually in US, Hand Hygiene Facts ,C-Diff

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