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A wild tiger jumps from your interactive Poster towards your friends. Amaze your loved ones with this interactive augmented reality poster. Best of al
l, there is nothing to install.

Tame the wild Tiger!

  • Compatible with Android (chrome browser) and iPhone/iPad (safari browser). It is recommended to use phones with good memory and CPU power for the experience to be smooth and fast.
  • Scanning the QR-code on the poster launches the Posterini augmented reality interactive app on the browser of your mobile phone. On iPhone (iOS 12+) simply open the camera and point it towards the QR-code to scan it. On Android, use any of the many free QR-code scanning apps available. You can also use our free qr-code scanner here
  • Point the phone towards the poster design. The augmented reality app activates the Posterini tiger through the mobile phone screen when it identifies the pattern on the interactive poster.
  • A perfect family experience, great for friends and family, and a great gift for any holiday or party.
  • The light falling on the poster design must be uniform. Avoid reflections, light that is too bright or too dim. For the phone to detect the design in the poster, light conditions must be even.
  • Surprise your friends or somebody you just met. Ask them to be kind to your tiger. Make friends with our unique interactive posters.

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