The most unique team building event in the world

At Posterini we love art, big art, huge art. That's why we organize unique team building events where together we create incredible giant portraits and drawings on the sand of a beach. A unique collaborative team experience that is only fully understood and revealed at the very end when the participants climb to the hill to watch the final result.

The event is a metaphor of life itself. We can view life as initially a blank empty canvas. We all have to fulfill a mission, build a beautiful drawing. And as we begin our path on this canvas, we are given only very vague instructions on how to complete this mission. Not only that, we also have to work against the pressure of time and society, the pressure of the tides of life that eventually wash everything away. That is why we need to find ways to work with others, to understand others, to cooperate and also to lead when the situation requires it.

Below you can view some of the videos of past events organized by Posterini/Ideami.

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