Learn Posterini quickly with 1 minute videos

Main Features 1:24


The Interface 01:46

The Interface in 100 seconds

Create Account 01:00

How to create an account

Facebook Login 00:32

Login through Facebook

Upload your image 00:35

Load/replace your own images

Element Menu 01:46

Use Text/Image/Shape menu

Time Travel

Time Travel Discovery

Image Effects 00:29

Apply effect filters to images

Lock Image/Shape 00:22

Lock an image/shape

Choose Plan 00:43

How to choose a plan

Ideation 01:53

Ideation and Brainstorming

RLT Collaboration 01:27

Real Time Collaboration

Collab on location 02:13

Collaboration on location

Contact us 00:21

How to contact Posterini

Posterini@2014 | posterini.com